Friday, September 28, 2012

GMG - From Dusk Till Dawn

Attached is my GMG trade record. I longed 800 lots and got out everything at 0.134/0.135, not at the day high but felt very pleased and safe now. Look at what happened to GMG after I made my call, it climbed all the way to the very Top 2 in Volume.

Now, don't focus on how much money I won, but look at the time I enter. I have a strategy and planned out my buying campaign sequentially and slowly. It's like a General mapping out his strategy so as to strategize and allocate his soldiers to attack his opponents diligently. From morning 10.44am to 2.53pm, I had been slowly buying along the way to ensure my bullishness when I saw the BBs' activities in GMG. However at 2.19pm earlier, when I saw that it was almost ready, I posted on my blog for everyone to witness my calls. Of course, the rest was history when I unloaded at 3.05pm.

The stock stayed strong at closing. Will I enter GMG again? I don't know but will watch. I know some entered the trade with me at 0.131 and profited handsomely together with me again when I unloaded. Nothing much to comment but congratulations. :)

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator