Friday, September 14, 2012

Mewah - Calculating The Top Volume

I was just chatting with a friend yesterday. I told him that we are going to see a big move in Dow last night although the futures was down during Asia hours. How I know? Because I was studying and analyzing the STI movement for the whole day and not wasting time on chats or nonconstructive matters. So yesterday I also bought in Mewah a few times before it appeared in Top Volume today. While everyone was not watching this cold counter, I knew it was time to move yesterday and it shall appear in Top Volume today for me to take profits. I had booked my profits and the rest was history.

As for those who love buying at breakout, good luck, I still prefer my strategy and that is to buy before breakout. In fact when I got Mewah, I got it at the low at 0.425/0.43 for 200 lots and after that I bought back in again at 0.435/0.44 for 250 lots. Tomorrow I shall share the secrets behind the Mewah operators. Missed it and you shall wait for a very long time before I hold another seminar. Like I always tell the crowd, I don't like to bore them, if I don't have a good topic to speak, I won't hold a seminar. It's boring to always have market outlook like what others are doing, I shall do the different.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator