Friday, March 22, 2013

WE Holdings - 6k in 1Hour!

Late in the morning at 10.57am, I made a post on my blog on No Short. At that time I was posting, I knew something big was coming so I quickly made that blog post and went to scan for the correct stocks to long. Of course, I have my students in mind and wanted them to make $ together with me.

At 11.12am, I found it, that stock was WE holdings! So to prove my conviction, I went in to long 1000 lots of WE holdings at 0.073 as shown in the trade record above. I exited pretty fast in an hour's time at 0.079  because I had to do my shopping for tomorrow's Stock Operation Course. However I also told all my students that it still looks good. I exited because I wanted to shop at peace. Of course when I went long, I posted my call in the SMMG Club so that ex and new students have a chance to follow me to witness LIVE speculation at it's best. This shall give upcoming and new sign ups for my course to see what I do best. When I exited, I also posted that in the club to let students know what price I exited. This is social responsibility that I always adhere. I don't believe in exiting myself without letting the students know. Everything must be transparent and that's why all my students trust me.

Some of my student's sold WE at 0.084, some at 0.082 etc..whatever it is, it was still money! Money in pocket is never wrong. I was pretty mad at myself because I shouldn't go shopping as WE shot up to a high of 0.099. I could and would have exited at a much more better price than 0.079. Well, still I cannot complain as it's free money from SGX. Of course, all my students were very very happy and some even made kind donations. I am definitely looking forward to meet them tomorrow during the Stock Operation Course and show them what I saw and what most won't see or know.

Look at the Top Vol today. I circled WE and Contel. WE in red and Contel in black. Now the question is why I selected WE today instead of Contel? WE had a run of almost 34+% but Contel only had like 17%, so if you selected the correct counter, your profits would have almost double. Moreover, WE was number 1 in Top Vol today which concluded my judgement and conviction of what I saw at 11.12am in the morning.

Yes, I was not the first one this time, however still I managed to pick the correct stock out of 1000+ stocks in SGX which gave the biggest amount of reward in a single day. Also timing plays a important factor, why not yesterday or the day before yesterday? Why do I select WE today when Dow dropped 91 points last night? As for why WE and not Contel this time, I shall share in the Stock Operation Course and in the preview next Wednesday. For those who come, you won't regret because I will only reveal it once.

Below is one of my student's trade record.

I shall also talk more during next Wednesday's preview. Now, just want to congrats those who signed up for my May course without hesitation. Not only did you witnessed my precision calls, more importantly, you had already made $$ before attending the course!! This is what I can instill to you guys when you learn my secrets. CONFIDENCE!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator