Saturday, August 3, 2013

Share Invest Fair 2013 - Blue Chip Season, Pennies Will Crash

This was a market outlook given by me to all my students yesterday morning at 8.20am on the SMMG Club. On a Thursday night, I went on to advocate to all my students that Blue Chips will start to run and pennies will start to crash, At the invest fair yesterday, I also mentioned the same thing to a big crowd and after the closing of many pennies yesterday, it just solidified my conviction!! Look at the Noble and Capitaland circled in RED, they all came off from their high! (from my market INTRADAY trading plan yesterday morning at 8.20am). The pennies circled in blue were all crashing and coming off from their high!

So how precision and accurate can it be? Students making money, a big crowd heard my market outlook but more importantly, all my students got the first hand info on a Thursday night and yesterday morning. I posted my game plan for STI yesterday at 8.20am in the morning way before any markets were opened, just for them to book profits for their blue chips at day high like Capitaland and Noble. They were all very appreciative. While many called for shorts, I don't think the timing is right yet.

I will be there at Share Invest Fair today to do some catch up with friends. If you see me, just say hello. If you want to ask me a question, don't feel shy, I will answer your question. All is welcome.

Just so you understand that I can predict the crash of pennies in fact on a Tues July 30th, 2013 when my student asked me about 2 penny stocks, Rowsley and PSL Holdings and my answer is plain simple, Don't Touch and I won't chase anymore. On July 31st 2013, both Rowsley and PSL Holdings broke down and suffered reactions!! So in fact it was true that the penny season was over when I was forecasted a few days before the big breakdown more other penny stocks yesterday!!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator