Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Yuuzoo - How I Made $33000 Within 2 Contra Days, Unloading at Hidden Selling!

Last Friday, 23rd Jan 2015, I was studying the hidden buying in Yuuzoo and decided that I will go for a bigger lot size this time round as compared to my 900 lots the last time.
At 1:12pm, I decided to load 100 lots to test for any follow through of buying and to my surprise after such stagnant activity and all the sell down. There wasn't any follow through. So at 1:15pm which was 3 minutes later, I decided to load 1000 lots to see if the buyers will bite this time. Indeed, all the buyers followed me after my 1000 lots and I collected 1100 lots in total. I virtually longed at the hidden buying where no one else really care about this counter. Yuuzoo used be to called Contel Corp and since I have a 100% Contra win rate in this stock back in 2013, it's only wise that I know how the operators played this stock and my goal is to be faster than them in the buying/selling activity. Check out my monthly 100% hit rate in Contel Corp. At the same time, I alerted all SOMM Members to watch Yuuzoo so that they can join me in the $$ making session. :)

Friday night, the Dow was slammed down -141 points and yesterday morning, the Dow futures was -140+ points where there was some Greece issue lingering the background. When the market opened, Yuuzoo dropped to the opening price where I went long last Friday. Everyone especially the retailers were panic and started to sell their shares. At that time, I was cool and I knew Yuuzoo was going to breakout yesterday late evening after 4pm and I alerted my Personal Assistant to watch for me closely as I was preparing to unload today the moment I see retailers chasing. On the Sunday afternoon, I also alerted my friend to watch Yuuzoo so that he can join me in the $$ making session. Yuuzoo, WCorp, Contel Corp had been kind enough to me as I never made a single loss in this counter even though they changed their names after 3 rounds. There was this affinity between me and the operator of this stock. The chart was undoubtedly easy to read and it was easy to make some serious $$ from now Yuuzoo.

Yesterday arrived. I was anticipating the move to come abt 4.15pm but it came late in the late evening around 4.45pm. I was shopping outside and chilling but never once I let my eyes slide off from the buy/sell Q in Yuuzoo. I knew if I want to make big and serious $$, I had to watch like a hawk closely and never let it slip. The moment arrived and I saw retailers and BBs pushing the stock price up, I was excited of course but at the same time I knew I had to wait for today to unload. The long breakout bar was the confirmation of the BBs loading up and my goal was to let them lure the retailers in so I can sell at the peak at the hidden selling point.

I woke up pretty early today. Excited yet anxious to see how much I am going to make. At 8:55am, I logged in into all my cash accounts and got ready. 9:00am started and within minutes, Yuuzoo shot from 0.43/0.435 with the buy/sell Q @ 920,000/444,200 to 0.435/0.44 and then towards the 0.44/0.445. At the point of time, I checked the seconds chart at the buy/sell Q and then to the minute chart. I saw hidden selling and without hesitation, I unloaded all my 1100 lots to secure a whopping $33,000 in like within 2 Contra days. If you look closely at the time and sales, I sold everything at 9:00:56 which was the fastest I could be. Earlier that, there was 0.445 buying up which was made up of small retailers. After my selling came an avalanche of more sellers to push price lower down to 0.425/0.43 as we are witnessing now. I also remember to alert all of my students of my sell down as 1100 lots is huge and it can cause the price to drop. I am happy all of them made $$ and it's a good start of the week for us. While everyone is watch price action, volume, indicators etc, Ronald K will buy/sell 1st before all these traditional indicators appear. Once again, mission accomplished. It's been a good January making 2 rounds of 5 digits in Yuuzoo. Both long at the bottom and sold at the high of hidden selling!


Coming tomorrow, I will share how I spot the hidden selling point and also the next hot stock. If you are interested to make $$ with me, kindly register. I am left with a few more seats!

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