Friday, January 9, 2015

Yuuzoo - Secrets of 900 Lots Revealed

It was an successful session yesterday where I revealed and shared how I have the gumption and confidence to go 900 lots in Yuuzoo and also how did I spot the hidden buying on Wednesday before the news was released and how did I know the following day which was Thursday was a good day to unload right at the peak at 9:04am @ 0.44! Here I thank you for all audience for attending the session last night and I hope you guys learnt something powerful yet enriching!

Soon, I will be having a LIVE market watching session over lunch at a secret location with all participants and stock enthusiasts who loves trading the Singapore market. The session is FREE for all to attend and it shall be yet another great turnout for this $$ making session. I will post when the time is ripe so everyone has a chance to participate.

Today is not a good day to long the market. The market will first open green and then suffer some selling. It's a good day to book profits and then enjoy shopping. :))))

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator