Monday, February 29, 2016

Vard - Devastating Loss, Massive +8.0% Gain

I don't know what more can I say but I believe my observation skills and timely posting in my private forum was spot on. Last Wednesday, I gave a list of stocks to watch out for and one of them was Vard. Vard was in fact 2 times in the Top Volume and I knew something was already brewing and so I want all my members to make $$ where I posted in the private forum last Wednesday before it ran today.

Today my first post on the blog was to watch Vard. When I posted, the price was 0.141/0.142 and now price had increased to 0.148/0.149 just within a few minutes! See post below.

Earlier in the morning, Vard reported some massive losses but I believed it was already factored into the price, so even though it was a bad report, still the buying frenzy was there. As long as the Big Boys is ready to buy, everything will shoot like a star. I am watching for a second round. Anyone interested?

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