Saturday, May 20, 2017

MM2 - In Talks to Buy Golden Village

MM2 in talks to buy Golden Village, this is the news that was released yesterday after market hours which explained why the price rose steadily and sharply these past 2 days. The price had already risen ahead before the news released and coming Monday, I will be looking to offload some to lock in profits. We had been buying into Unusual Group which is the subsidiary of MM2 which is also considered part of the parent company where the price moved in tandem with MM2. Congrats all who are in good profits and looking forward to Monday to lock in some profits and moving to some other counters.

I will be sharing more stocks for trading in my talk next Tuesday, May 23rd. For those who wants to get some free stock picks from me and my Whatsapp alerts, you can register below. See you guys there.

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