Friday, May 26, 2017

Serrano - A Discussion with Special Ops, 1 Lot Marking

This morning was a superb morning for all of us in the Special Ops group. In fact at 8.59am, I saw that today would be another hot penny day as I posted in the Special Ops group but I wasn't sure of which stocks to play until I remembered the home work I did last evening after my seminar. At 9:06am, I asked my Special Ops about Serrano but nobody reply and hence I went back to do my work. Within just minutes, the stock flew from 0.027 all the way to 0.034! See the min chart above.

Serrano, a risky stock had exhibited some serious 1 lot marking which gave me an alert to start giving out alerts to my group. Moreover, it was so beautifully setup yesterday with so much collections and absorbing in place. The rest was history. The stock just flew with natural demand and from zero to the Top 30 Volume as you witnessed now. Will share more on how it works. :)

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