Tuesday, May 30, 2017

DBS - A Bearish Whatsapp Alert

Gave a Bearish DBS Whatsapp Alert at 9:19am this morning while I was working on some other projects. The market was quite ok this morning until I saw some profit taking and hidden selling in the 5 min chart for DBS which I immediatedly sent out a Whatsapp alert to all students to take a look at DBS. For the whole day, the sellers were controlling the stock as the DBS had difficulty moving higher with so much resistance sitting at the ceiling wall.

As hours passed by, DBS met with more sellers. From 20.73 where we shorted, it tanked to a low of 20.55 where some small demand started to creep in. Some of the students locked in profits while others might be swinging this trade. I am happy today because I could see DBS tanking before it is happening now. Tomorrow maybe another counter for trading and who knows I am giving out another Whatsapp alert?

I had received so many requests for my Whatsapp alert and I will be giving out and sharing my Whatsapp alerts service during my talk this Friday. See all of you who had already registered. I will show you how to be added in our Whatsapp.

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