Thursday, May 4, 2017

Cityneon - Buyers Stacking, Bullish

More buyers stacking on the bid side on Cityneon towards the end of trading yesterday. The buyers were supporting the stock and weren't letting the stock tank. See my first Cityneon post that I posted on this very blog where I missed it due to trading other counters.

However, because I know the stock is in the strong hands of some very powerful buyers, I decided to trade it even though it has already moved up a bit. I don't mind taking at higher price. I only mind after longing it, it jammed and don't move. So I posted that it was bullish on my blog LIVE here @ 12.21pm and traded it before it closed at day high of 0.94/0.945 at the end of day!

Cityneon then disappeared from the Top Volume while some other pennies ran like Imperium Crown and BlackGoldNatural. During this time, it was quietly stacking up with buyers in the background where the volume was churning like crazy. More ferocious buyers then came in to long the stock and it closed strong at day high. Can't wait for 9:00am to start and see how it performs. I will show more on how I spotted this stock and others like DBS and IEV during my event next Tuesday. Want to trade with me short term? See you next week!

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