Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Hi-P - Short Term Trading with Ronald K

Hi-P is on the rise with UMS. I am so happy to see that my student is swinging this trade after the initial alert in SOMM some time back. She longed at 0.785 and is currently holding on the trade with an unrealized profits of $4350 where Hi-P hit a high of 0.93. I believed she bought the first round at 0.735 and longed back this counter again the second round for a larger swing. To each of it's own, some students love short term trading while others love swing trading. In my course, I teach everything so find something that suits you best and stick with it.

I asked this question in my talks and seminar if anyone wants to join me and make $, most of them raised their hands and I am pleased to share the stocks in my watch list to those who came for my talk. This week had been a good week as most of the stocks I picked ran. I will be sharing another basket of stocks soon. See you guys soon!

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