Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Yuuzoo - LIVE Trading with Ronald K

Had a LIVE Trading earlier at the office. Here, I want to thank everyone who came today for the very last min notice last evening. During the LIVE trading session, I predicted what the market would do first in my private forum and then I shared many stocks like Noble, Moya Asia, Wilmar and others before 9:00am and I must say all of them act accordingly to what I predicted. There is 80+ people there to witness my forward prescient prediction so I am glad that everything turns out correctly.

Yuuzoo was one of the stocks I watched with the students because of yesterday's 1000 lots. Locked in profits at 0.083 and there after it tanked first with some profit taking and then it shot up again for distribution I guess. Would love to do the next LIVE trading again when I have the time. I will give earlier notice the next time. See you all soon. :)


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