Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Hi-P - Base Forming

Hi-P, a stock we traded and made $$ last week continued it's stellar performance in it's rising price as of closing yesterday. It reached a high of 0.78 with buyers continuously supporting the price.

It's a stock that I never regret trading because it's simple and easy to read the movements from the BBs before it broke out. Currently, there is a base forming and I am studying carefully if it's going for another break out soon. Looking at it, I prefer to wait for the XD to happen first before deciding and taking my next course of action. I will post when the timing is correct.

Here, I wish everyone a Happy Vesak Day and enjoy your day off before the market starts tomorrow. For those who asked me about my workshops, I am temporarily busy working on some projects and will post my free workshops again when I have the time.

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