Friday, May 5, 2017

Trade Records for the Week - Good Profits

It's been a good week to start this week where we made some good amount of $$ before the French election starts this weekend. Traded Cityneon, IEV, Sunningdale, Cityneon and many other counters. I just received some wonderful private messages from my students who are in the special ops May and I am delighted to see that my calls and alerts made them learn the how the BBs do their collections and flushes etc.

I am also equally delighted to see that other students made $$ before my May Stock Operation course and learnt many wonderful strategies just by joining my Whatsapp. I gave many stocks this week and I would say none have triggered the cut loss yet but for most of them, we have already locked in $$. Congrats everyone and I hope to help many more to reap profits in the stock market. The good news that was released after market hours in Cityneon today just proved that I was right all along when we traded as a group collectively this week. Indeed, the BBs were buying up and then it just went halt today! I am happy all made $.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist