Friday, May 12, 2017

Wilmar Intl - Training Through Special Ops

Just received this Whatsapp from my student. I am so so delighted to share here on my blog that whatever I shared in my private sessions and my special ops Whatsapp allowed them to learn and relearn my wonderful strategies over and over again.

Look at this Wilmar trade from the trade record attached, he longed yesterday at the bottom @ 3.43 and this morning, Wilmar announced some good results where the stock gap up and he sold at 3.63 which to me is simply amazing. Why? Because he spent time doing the analysis I shared in my course and studied Wilmar carefully before taking a trade yesterday caerfully. The best part was he longed really at the bottom @ 3.43 which is really really good. I enjoyed sharing my strategies and secrets to my inner group. Imparting knowledge is great, building success is the key for more great traders in my club.

If you study the attached four Top Volume screen shots together with the minute chart, using the Top Volume trick and reading the BBs movement before any major moves come with that collections, you will understand what I am sharing or talking about. I am looking forward to build more of such astute and independent trader for myself and for their own good. Congrats!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist