Thursday, July 18, 2019

Capitaland - Top 30 Volume and Profits Fast

This is a follow up video for "Top 3 Stock Picks in My Watchlist" where I posted on July 15th, two days back on the bearishness in Capitaland and took actions shorting it. The stock encountered some profit takings and slowly it started to simmer off. Shorted near peak and yesterday the stock suffered some sell down at opening bell where it dropped 3 pips in a short period of time. It proved that my analysis was correct as the stock couldn't climb higher as profits was made. Click to watch the video below.

I had since updated my blog on this trade where we made profits together and posted all my analysis and trade records. Click on the below link to see.

See the time we locked in profits where I shot this video at 9.36am while the stock ran further now. Subscribe to my Youtube channel on the below link if you would like to see more live analysis video or maybe trade with me.

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