Thursday, July 11, 2019

Sino Grandness - Top 2 Signs You Must Know

On July 2nd, I posted that Sino Grandness had some collections and it moved up after that. In my blog post, I also shared that it's wise to lock in profits and go since it's a risky penny stocks. Since then the stock had been trending down and breaking down further below the breakout day which recorded 50% return in 1 day. Click and see my analysis on July 2nd.

I then shared what I saw and my analysis to all who came for my private event on July 3rd. I specifically told them how the BBs in Sino would play the stock and let the stock depressed.

So here, I am sharing again what you need to know when you trade Sino Grandness. The Top 2 signs and if you can see it, your chances of winning is pretty high.

1. You need to enter at demand zone and collection points BEFORE the stock runs

2. When you see the break out happens, sell into rising prices and finish your trade in 1 day regardless of what news that is about to release. Why? Because if you study the chart as attached, you will see Sino Grandness lost strength after 1 day and punctured down thereafter. 

So there you have it. Study the BBs, study the chart and you will have a better game plan and objective on how to trade this stock effectively.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist