Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Midas - Profits Secured

Like what I preached in the morning about booking profits, I followed my plan about taking profits. This time round it's not at the day high due to some nervousness when the market opened. Ok, whatever it is, profits is profits and taking profits is never wrong. Money in pocket now is much safer than money in markets. I can work peacefully now. I won't be watching the market anymore today as it shall turn boring.

Capturing the essence of profit taking with a streamlined short selling process that blends seamlessly with my stock operation course, today I shall share that process to the attendees who are coming for the preview. I will show you what I saw in Midas that made me 2 rounds of profits! See you guys there. :)

Update 17/10/12, 11.03am 

Look at Midas now, it's 0.425/0.43. Is it safer to book profits when I told everyone early in the morning? You decide. :)

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator