Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Oceanus - The 40min Job

Today Oceanus appeared in the Top Volume 15mins after 9am. However I was already longed at 9.04am and alerted all my students. I believe most of them did not verify/read chart and enter blindly with me. Well, it's strange, whenever I emailed my students, most just enter blindly with me and when I exited, they just exited with me again without reading charts. I don't know why but whenever I exited a stock, the stock will be stalled and not moving. Maybe this is the power of K theory? I don't know.

As for why Oceanus ran today, I saw something peculiar in the morning. The stock was not moving which I knew it was time to take issue within minutes. So without hesitation, I just whacking until I got 1200 lots. This is just like Midas in my previous trade, morning opened, 19 secs later, just sell, don't think why or where is the target price. Profit in $ is always never wrong.

When a stock is in a chaotic mode, when everyone is scouring and rushing to chase price, when the smoke is very dark, just look for unloading by the BBs, 9/10 times, you won't go wrong.

I got many emails from my students thereafter and attached are some of it. Guys, thank you for your emails, they are very encouraging. Appreciated it!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator