Monday, October 22, 2012

Noble Group - Black Monday = Profits

Last Friday, I shorted Noble because I detected some unloading from the BBs. This morning when market opened, I knew first thing in the morning, I need to get out quick to avoid any reaction that may come. So in like 16 secs, I managed to unload all my Noble shares and of course I made some money out of it. When the market is slammed down from a great gravity and when the mass public is looking to short, the BBs usually cover some shorts to book profits and so that's what they did and that's how I followed them. Profits in pocket is never wrong.

Update 22/10/12, 1.25pm    

Noble rebounded 2 pips higher. Avoided yet another reaction.

Update 22/10/12, 2.15pm   

Noble rebounded 1 more pips higher at 1.34/1.345!! My profits would have minimized if I did not take in the morning.

Over the weekend in my private seminar. One audience asked me what will happen to Yanlord coming Monday and I told him that in the morning when market opens, it shall come down first, however it won't be coming down a lot. Thereafter, the stock will rebound. Looking at Yanlord now, the stock did actually rebounded! For the audience who attended that private seminar, you should remember what I said.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator