Tuesday, October 27, 2015

LIVE Trading with Ronald K - Learning Key Observation Points when Performing A Trade

First off, I would like to thank all of you who took your time to come for this private LIVE Trading with me for this precious 1 hour @ 9:00am this morning. If it wasn't an eye opener, my name won't be Ronald K. In this one hour, we scouted and hunted like a sniper, slowly yet patiently waiting for the right time, right moment before hopping in the right stock and executing a trade.

China Env and China Sky Chem were the suspects for the early morning observation point of reference. They were China counters but more importantly there was some form of hidden buying at the background and some Contra squeeze which caused me to pick these 2 counters. More importantly, I also managed to capture the highlights of my Top Volume Scan last Wednesday where I circled the Top 5 China penny stocks. All these with the China counters running in the Top Volume, it only gave me conviction that those 2 stocks were going to run.


From 9:00am to 9:27am, there was nothing much to be done but only observation of the Top 30 Volume stocks to see the movements of up/down activities. And then the big up move starts around 9:31am in China Env and China Sky Chem due to the rise of china counters in the Top 30 where China Sports, Jiutian, Chinese Global, etc started to exude some buying interest. That's where we went in to long at hidden buying on normalized buy/sell price instead of a gaping spread price before the breakout where thereafter the Big Boys joined our activities. :) The rest were history and congrats to those who made $$.

I will post my next event soon for my next workshop. If you are interested to learn and see LIVE for yourself, do register when I post. It should be my last for this week. Don't miss this chance to learn from me and get our Whatsapp Alerts!

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