Wednesday, October 28, 2015

OSIM - 1 Myth You Need To See About CD

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While I will share more on how to get LIVE Trading with me this Saturday, I would love to dissect and discuss on OSIM's today activity. There is usually a myth about CD and XD. When a company gives out CD, it's usually a good thing and price would rise but while the XD happens, the stock would readjust the price by suffering some form of selling. This is a total myth and we can see that in the case of OSIM now. The stock is issuing CD however the stock itself gap down heavily from yesterday's closing. What happened actually and why wasn't it running instead?

First there was the general of market condition favoring more on the bear side and stocks had already had a sustained run up where it needs to take a breather. But more importantly, as I shared during last night's workshop for those who came, the hidden selling was strong. Buyers were buying but more sellers were distinguishing it slowly in the background. Some would as me how did I spot it? I would answer that it's difficult for me to explain on the blog but rather I suggest you come see me use a blackboard and marker to illustrate to you. That's what I would do this coming Sat, take actions rather than talk. I only need passionate learners to come. Register if you are one of them!

Eventbrite - FREE Singapore Stocks Alerts - Oct 31st 2015

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