Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Jubilee - Collections Then Break Out

Yesterday was a great day in the market, many penny stocks brokeout and many of them ran with fast speed. One of them was jubilee where the stock after going through into some collections mode, it just germinate out of hibernation, from the background to the foreground. The daily chart for jubilee was a long bar breakout with BBs inside buying then followed by selling.

Last evening was a great turnout and a great sharing session for those who came for my talk. I enjoyed sharing many syndicate protocols and the lingo they used to communicate in the market like collections and rollover. Lately, I have too many requests for my Whatsapp and hence I am doing another sharing next Tuesday 11th April for those who are interested to receive my Whatsapp alerts and make $. Click below to see my previous Whatsapp alerts.

So if you are interested to trade the market, get my Whatsapp alert, do register below and see you next Tuesday in person!

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