Monday, April 17, 2017

Sembcorp Marine - New Sellers Emerged

Combined my market outlook in the morning at 7:53am LIVE in my private forum together with the right stock for shorting, everyone seems right today. Sembmarine, a stock I gave my special ops earlier was under pressure with new sellers emerging.

In fact, I also posted my market outlook LIVE here on this very blog at 8:49am, 1 hour later after I shared with my students in the forum.

Towards the end of day, not only STI continued to be sold down, SembMarine also suffered the same fate and the whole general market, nothing really looks good. Everything collapsed and entered a bear phase. Will the market start rebounding tomorrow or this week? I don't know but I am sure I will watch the buyers/sellers for who is stronger before any rebound should happen.

Tomorrow is an all important day for those who wants to learn and see how syndicate move stocks. Just like my prediction before market starts today where I saw the syndicates were putting the market down, indeed at 5.05pm at market closed, the market sold down. I will show and share how to make forward prescient prediction before it actually happens.

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