Sunday, April 9, 2017

GKE - Good Selling Price, 0.190

The above trade record is not mine. It's from my student who just traded LIVE with me on last Tuesday morning and then sold off on Thursday when GKE broke to a recent high of 0.191 where the selling zone was there. Although on 50 lots, I am still happy for her considering she was able to see at the peak!!

GKE was a tough stock to trade. A one day breakout and then the next day it was met with gigantic amount of sellers who brought the price down back to where it the breakout started at 0.181! See the attached chart, there was the breakout buyers from retailers, the stock rose towards 3/4 top and then suddenly, the sellers just kicked in and slammed it all the way down. In the minute chart, it's currently in the dull mode where I would rather stay out and do nothing. Tomorrow is a good day for trading and I am very confident I can make $. See all who are coming!

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