Wednesday, April 5, 2017

IEV - A Bullish Whatsapp Alert

Earlier in the morning at 8:57am, I already knew that IEV was going to breakout today because I did my home work last evening and I also shared this counter in my LIVE Trading yesterday.

So in the morning at 8:46am, I watched the Q numbers for clue of collections as I prepared the message and then sent it out by 9:01am through my forum!

The stock then flew with speed, reaching a high of 0.104 from the initial call I gave at 0.09-0.091. Most of of my students asked me how I know and were in awe but the fact was I already shared it yesterday and it was just today that the timing was ready to fly. Earlier in the morning, there was many stocks like Chasen and Miyoshi which took charge where it prompted me that IEV was next. It's was nothing short of spectacular but I am happy everyone made $$. They sent me their trade records and one even made $1600 in 1 Contra day. Congrats!! I am very happy today not because I spotted IEV but because everyone made some good quick $.

In my talk next Tuesday, April 11th, I will share more on how to receive my Whatsapp alerts. Interested parties can register below.

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