Saturday, April 29, 2017

A Private Event with Ronald K - How to Spot Smart Money

Happy to host an event with my partner at the Cityindex office today. I shared some views, strategies and a market outlook of the current market condition at the moment. The market is volatile and the swings are big. Hence if you cannot take risk and trade, do not trade under these conditions or it may trigger your stop loss. I also shared the importance of growth stock and the criteria for searching gems in such a volatile market. Finally, I revealed some syndicates lingo and how they trade and move all kinds of stocks which is the root of price movements. Thank you everyone for coming and I hope you enjoyed the lunch I ordered for all of you! See you again soon.

I will talk and share more on my Whatsapp calls next Tuesday, so for those who are interested, you can register below. You can also check out my Whatsapp on the below link to see all my alerts and how it can benefit you.

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