Friday, April 14, 2017

SIAS Singapore Investment Week - Investment Strategies for 2017

I am pleased to announced that I will be speaking at the SIAS Singapore Investment Week in May. It's an event not to be missed because it's not only myself but other prominent speakers and investment gurus will be there sharing their key ideas and strategies for 2017. My topic will be "Investment Strategies for 2017" where I will share key trading ideas and also investment philosophies on how to investment wisely in 2017 during this volatile market. I don't think a crash will happen but rather a correction might take place and where to put your $$ wisely so as not to buy stocks at the high and later suffer selling.

Before leading towards the May Investment event, I will hold some short talks like the one next Tuesday April 18th, where I will share how syndicate move stocks, their trading strategies and their methods in creating a breakout/breakdown. Thanks all for register and see you next Tuesday for my first series.

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