Monday, January 1, 2018

Cosco - A Look Like Turnaround

First off, a happy new year to everyone and I hope 2018 can bring everyone joy, happiness and bountiful profits. I was scanning and looking through some stocks and Cosco caught my attention. This counter seems like it's going to have a turnaround and trend higher but at the same time I am equally aware that the stock is flushy and has a high tendency to drop first before moving higher. In the 5 minute chart, there were some collections going on and in the daily chart, the stock has reach a super critical demand zone where the big buyers should emerge soon.

The only question now is when will it rebound? Hence, I will be conducting a hot tips and market outlook 2018 session to share my views on this counter and will be giving out some other hot tips on other counters on 9th January. Interested parties can register by clicking the below button.

Eventbrite - Hot Tips and Market Outlook 2018

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