Thursday, October 24, 2019

Rex Intl - Fund Analysis on How It Moved Higher

Just when I thought Rex Intl was about to suffer some more selling, the stock just reversed and shot up higher with today touching 0.10. I reevaluated the 5 minute chart and re-study how it moved, I discovered that at certain areas, I saw some funds buying neat 0.090 and 0.096. From there on, Rex just continued to move higher and higher with more buyers. Good news was released but because after the news was released, the stock did not tank and moved up higher. I am very carefully when it comes to trading penny stocks and to see it moved higher, I believed the funds were moving the stock. Coming next Tuesday Oct 29, I will be doing a Fund Analysis on this stock, those who are interested to learn, just register on the below link.

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Update: 24/10/2019, 4:55pm

Can you see the fund analysis I did attracted more big funds to move the stock higher? It's now 0.101!!!!

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