Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Capitaland - A Rebound

Yesterday a student of mine asked me about Wilmar. I told him no go because I saw that the commodities sector is not moving. So I channel my effort to my favourite Capitaland. To put it in simple form, I gave him a tip to watch Capitaland as it would be a wiser choice. Today Capitaland had a mini broke out. When I gave him the call it was at 3.31/3.32 and now it is at 3.34/3.35. As usual and I already mentioned in my previous post, I am very busy and have no time for the market. When I am busy, I will not trade even if I know it is going up/down because for a stock like Capitaland, my lot size is between 100-200 lots, so if I traded, my emotion would be jumping up and down and I need to glue to the screen to make sure things are going according to my way. It is stressful and therefore I rather forgo.

Update 6/11/12, 2.27pm

Capitaland brokeout further!!

Update 6/11/12, 7.48pm

Capitaland closed 3.4/3.41!!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator