Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dow Jones - The Power Of Imagination + Mind Analysis

Yesterday afternoon, I went out for a meeting. However before that, I was chatting with my student through google chat and I told him Dow have a chance of rebounding tonight and I longed 200 lots of Genting. At the meantime, I was also chatting to another broker friend of mine and I told him Dow have a chance of rebounding. To say a rebound will happen is an understatement, however proving my conviction with 200 lots of Genting is confidence.

A lot people say, "Hey Ron, how come when you say rebound it rebounds, how come when you say crash it crashes? You must have insider news"

I told them: "I don't have insider news but a lot of insider tips which always burn a hole in my pocket." I can't control the market nor I have the money to control the forces of supply and demand, however I have a powerful strategy and that is mind analysis which enables me to see the market way ahead of any traders, because I am a speculator."

I also move on to tell them that a lot of insider tips are lacking of the time element. When it's given to you, it's already in the middle, not at the bottom of the buying phase nor top for the shorting phase. Finally, when I mean timing, I mean precision timing where I say a stock crash and it will crash in the next moment and when I say a stock will rebound, it shall rebound without suffering much reactions like in the case of Genting. No one can ever do that because that was what I was told in the past, NO ONE CAN EVER DO THAT. It really motivated me and within 2 years of blogging and a few years of hard work which involved huge amount of money lost in process, I managed to turn the impossible to the possible and that is to capture the essence of timing + catching tops and bottoms + speculation way ahead of things happen + making predictions on Dow crash and new highs in STI which is absolutely a tough thing to do.

So what did I saw in the Asia hours that gave me conviction to make my analysis? This I will share in the seminar on Dec 1st with pictorial charts. Attend or you shall regret because like I said, there are no books or topics written about precision timing and I am the first person who will back up my talk with proven track records with all the trades I had done using my own real hard cash and the condominium I bought at the low in Sep 2009.

When I told everyone that I use Mind Analysis without any indicators, lines, or price action, people said how is that possible and so that's where I managed to prove and turn a skeptical student of mine into a confident person now with his winning trades in Ezion and GLP. I won't blame him for his skepticism because it is not easy to convince someone who spent so much money attending many courses out there (most of them are educators not traders nor speculator) with empty promises to finally believe until he experienced the power of winning and confidence after giving one last try with me. Nothing beats confidence in winning money from the market and experiencing real hard cash on hand. Confidence is something that cannot be imparted as compared to knowledge, you have to feel it yourself to experience that feeling. Well, there will still be skepticism about me, but I can't really bother if I am going on a large scale next year and as long as I stick to my motto on being honest by showing my calls and records, then the outward things will take care for itself.

When one lose money and become frustrated, it's hard to make big money because frustration will get the best of the emotion. When one cannot afford to lose $1000, don't expect to make $10000 because if $1000 is already your threshold level, how are you ever going to experience $10000? So if you cannot afford to lose money, then don't trade, invest. When I lost $25k last month on my Oceanus trade with the tips given to me for Geo Energy, I wasn't even upset nor blaming the tipster because I choose to believe the tips and it's my own action and eagerness to make back money fast which contributed to my enormous loss. All these are secondary because as long as I am in the market, there is a tendency to lose money unless one quits the game forever. That's the hallmark of a speculator, keep moving no matter what happens. I can have a losing streak, losing money non-stop but I cannot lose my confidence, conviction, dignity and integrity.

Earning my stripes off the strength of many rounds in the stock market, my knack for forecasting and speculation dexterity in the market were not easily forgotten. I am a speculator who needs no introduction for my speculation repertoire. I have a very strong imagination power of what's going to happen next because of my understanding of the BBs behavior, the things I experienced in the past and an affinity, well-roundedness in other facets of the market, so mark down your calendar on Dec 1st and come listen to me.

Seminar Date: 1st December 2012 Time: 9.30am to 11.30am
Venue: City Index Asia Pte Ltd
6 Battery Road
Singapore 049909
(Next to Raffles Place MRT Station)

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Finally my student traded Dow Jones last night again and continuing making profits. That just proved that Mind Analysis really worked and one can look to throw away everything he learnt in the past be it indicators or price action and just learn to buy when the BBs buy and sell when they sell! Simple and Succinct.

Received an email from the same student who made money and gained confidence from the Ezion and GLP trade. He punted the Dow last night and continue his winning streak. This is his third winning streak in a row! Big confidence boost.

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