Friday, November 2, 2012

Midas - Avalanche Of Selling

Almost everyone notice Midas appeared in the Top Volume today with a big red spike down. I received calls, smses, emails etc on Midas and why it broke down. Actually, to keep things simple, as I was commenting on the forum, I already knew Midas was going to broke down since yesterday. Of course, this time round you can call me hindsight and talk is cheap because I did not prove it with trade records or give out calls.

But seriously posts after posts I made before a breakout/breakdown happens, there is nothing for me to prove anymore. I was too engrossed with my Capitaland in the morning and totally forgotten to switch to Midas. If I tell you I knew it coming, means I really knew it. Conversely, this time round, one of my student did the job of proving my conviction and making me proud of what I saw yesterday. He did a better job than me because he saw it on Tues and probed the market himself. I am really proud of him because of his fearless attitude and he put what I taught him into good use. The best of the best part is he took all profits today!!!!! Dow is now trading at +143points, so he avoided some serious reactions tomorrow!! Really proud of his actions.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator