Thursday, November 29, 2012

Capitaland - Top Volume?

I was outside meeting the whole day yesterday. I wasn't actively watching the market but had a few glimpses here and there. During that few glimpses, I saw something. I saw someone was sucking up Capitaland hungrily. When the stock was trading at 3.42/3.44 at 2.35-2.45pm, I showed my friend and told him that the stock would drop one pip first because the sell Q was 8lots and the buy Q was 155lots, remember this was all done without charts because I was outside. I also advocated him that no more shorting of Capitaland because it's strong. I knew that 155lots in the sell Q was to scare the public to sell and induce the public to short.

At 4pm plus when I check the stock again, it was trading at 3.46/3.47, the buy Q was 200lots while the sell Q was 106lots, he's the first person to witness my ability to read Queue numbers without chart LIVE. So at 4.45pm with my final glimpse, I told him Capitaland would close at 3.48 and at 5.05pm when he finally saw the price closed at 3.48, he couldn't believe the accuracy. I can know the price because I was watching how shares were hungrily grabbed at that moment, not because I had a target price in mind first. I will introduce this friend of mine in the seminar, he's also a trader who is still learning the real scenes behind the game of speculation. All these are hindsight now because I can't prove at the moment when it happened. To those who had follow me long enough, I don't talk hindsight stuff. I only have one witness now and because of this witness, I am getting major deals to come next year. Watch out.

Today, if i am correct, we shall see Capitaland appearing in Top Volume with price rising. This is a bold statement and we shall watch.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator