Friday, November 16, 2012

GLP - The Science Behind Precision Timing

Posts after posts, calls after calls I need no introduction on the art of timing. I couldn't stress more on the importance and calculation of timing in the stock market. I made a call to all my students yesterday at 2.54pm on the weakness I saw in GLP yesterday. Today, the stock just brokedown heavily with many panicky selling. I am very mad at myself of my hectic work schedule and therefore did not take a position. As you can see my last post yesterday was 12.27am and I worked till 2am last night.
Well, my heart is bleeding now but it's ok because I believe the word will spread around about my method and strategy where I spot stocks before the breakout/breakdown.

What happened to GLP was very simple. The manipulative operation by the BBs is easily readable in the chart. First there was a gap down yesterday then followed by a heavy distribution of the stocks to the public. When the public thought that the price was cheap from 2.7, that's where the BBs are selling secretly to create a false impression of "further uprise". Then finally the BBs showed their true colors causing a breakdown earlier on and followed by further selling to caused more panic to the public so that they panic and liquidate. Finally at the last stage where the public were panicky selling, the price rebounded as of now 2.49/2.5. Morale of story, the public is always wrong and it's hard to beat the BBs if you don't understand how the game is played. Will there be further downside? I shall watch further and share.

Further breakout to 2.52/2.53!! Public were sucked into doing the wrong things!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator