Saturday, October 17, 2020

Ron K - Unloaded Huge Positions as Market Spooked Fear on Late Selling

I started to sell shares of my stock positions in the US market 2 days ago since there was a surge in buyers where the Dow Jones moved higher which allowed me to unload potions and take $$. While I was unloading, I also got my guy Winfred to sell his shares to lock in $$ too since he's trading for me and I don't want him to suffer unncessary emotions and then lose $$ in the end. The Dow eked out most of the gains last evening and selling took control due to fears about the Coronavirus pandemic, civil unrest related to protests over racial justice and worries about a potentially disputed presidential election on Nov 3.

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I started to unload stocks to lock in profits as mentioned in my Facebook video. Every video I shot, I said I am going to do something and everytime, like a man of my word, I kept my promises and got the job done. Truth is, if you want to be successful in anything you do, set a promise and share it to the world, see how many people will mock at your dreams, swallow the humiliation and then make yourself accountable to everything you promised yourself and go get it. The fact is, 99% of the people can’t even achieve the goals set for themselves and hence kept quiet about it. Worst is some think they can do it themselves without help but just kept diving lower and lower and in the end gave up. I chose a different route. I seek help, I ask for advice, I want to know what are my shortcomings and of course slowly work towards my breakthrough. I have no ego, just extremely firm and decisive. I learn that many years ago by observing many millionaires, they have certain traits which I respect and took notes down. I seek improvement forever and not only 1 time. Watch my next trade, it will blow your mind off. What most people cannot achieve in a lifetime, I will achieve it just in 1 trade. #goalsetting #ronk #ronaldk #stockmarket #stockmarketmindgames #mockatme #driveharder #promises #manofmyword

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The best part of Ron K was he was able to sell 2 days BEFORE ahead of the selling you witnessed last evening and he managed to lock in $$ before all the unrealized profits shall be eroded to losses. I shot some video 1 day ago to share that I will be unloading shares and after dinner last evening, I quickly rush home for the golden hour to start before getting ready to sell as posted in my Instagram account BEFORE 9.30pm. I was just pure determined to make sure I get out of my positions and enjoy my weekend. Congrats Winfred and look forward to get more traders to follow me.

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