Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Live Analysis by Ronald K - Road to The First $100K!

It was a superb amazing day today. July 16th 2013 will always be a day to remember for the rest of my life and that goes the same for all the students who attended the LIVE session by Ronald K. Woke up 630am and got ready with all my Visvim gear getting ready for the day.

When I reached the Phillip Office at 830am, there was already students sitting and waiting for entrance to the trading room.

Then I gave my trading plan for the day to all students, "STI will go up and then trend lower". True enough, morning open +14pts and closing -11.9pts. All students who attended witnessed it LIVE. We started watching stocks like GMG, Innopac, Otto Marine, etc..Explaining to all students how the penny stocks were being operated by the BBs.

Back and forth we were switching on some stocks when we finally banked on Innopac. In fact, Innopac was already given as a call yesterday to all students, so today was just to watch it's action as it unfolds. Some students missed it and they bought it today earlier in the morning! So for the whole day, Innopac just trended higher!! Of course, students who went longed were ecstatic and over the moon, waiting for higher price to come. Other than that, we weren't watching much stocks and I was explain rollovers, fake breakouts, mind analysis etc..

Lunch was provided and so after lunch, it was time for my favorite Visvim shopping at Raffles Hotel. Was thinking of getting a backpack however the problem is I don't carry bag and it would be a waste to spent $1000 on a bag. Had a great catch up session with my friends in Visvim and left the shop for the 2nd half of the day. More amazing things to happen during the 2nd half of trading hours. :)

At 13:56pm, I launched the Aussino chart and asked students to watch. Within seconds, the stock rocketed!! It was totally amazing and unbelievable. Some students don't even have the time to login to their system and execute the trade!! It was just too swift of an action, can you imagine how fast was that?? Those who witnessed it when I made my call today during the session would remember for life!!

All students were dumbfounded by Ronald K's Art of Stocks Picking Skills. I can just select and the stock ran. I did not choose GMG or Otto Marine or Oceanus but Innopac and Aussino (during 2nd half). How did I know Myanmar stocks would run in the 2nd half of the day? As for that, I explained it to the students during the session. Why I chose Aussino over WE, Contel, Yoma where it recorded almost 15%, highest against all Myanmar play stocks? For those who attended, you should have the answer by now. It's too long for me to explain and I will explain it maybe during tomorrow's preview, so don't miss it.

The rest was history. Money was made, experience that cannot be found on booked were imparted and knowledge was shared unselfishly. But more importantly, students' smiling faces and satisfaction with the LIVE analysis session made my day where confidence were built! Like I said, this is just the starting road to $100K when I shared during the last seminar, "The Capsule".

Thanks to those who signed for the course. Did you regret? I don't think so because some already made back their course fee when I gave Innopac during the course but more important, you guys learnt a lifelong skill that cannot be replicate in books! No cost was involved in this LIVE Analysis session and everything was Free Of Charge unless you are my student, open and trade with my personalized broker.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator