Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Capsule by Ronald K

While I am enjoying my time, relaxing at the cozy Marina Bay Sands Casino and winning $$, forgetting about all the supply and demand, something whispered my ear. Ron, go and enjoy life, stop worrying so much in the stock market. Get a good break, learn to let go and things will come back to you again. And so that's what I did yesterday, forgetting about everything, and went to MBS and gamble. Made $10K and got out of the casino. Moreover, I also withdraw a lot of cash from my winnings (make a guess how many $1000 notes am I holding).

Soon in a week or two, I am holding a LIVE session with all my students to let them have a first glimpse of how I do my analysis day by day, no indicators, no volume, no lines, no TA, no indicators all FREE of Charge. I am going to perform an artless art to show you how to get the job done! With knowledge and skills comes money, if you think the $1000 notes amazes you, wait till you see the next installment of my post. I am not posting to show off, but to keep you inspired and drive you to your dream. If me, as a normal person can do it, you can do it too!! The method is simple and all you need is a good willpower and heart.

I am discussing with my business partner to work on something huge to all my students. I want to get all students involve and experience the power of money and what money can do for you and my goal is to help you win money consistently from the market. I know some students already achieved it and experienced winning a lot of money using my method, but you got to protect it and never let it slip! So if you want to be my student, please don't come for tips, I need dedicated, passionate students to learn the skill rather than waiting for the papaya to drop from the sky.

I have an instagram account, search for user stockmarketmindgames, will post more pictures there.

If you are interested to make money with me, please email me at now. It's first come first serve, and please leave your contact number down.

This Sunday is a start of an epic to come. Be there or you will regret. For all my existing students, I will hold another session, please let others have a chance. Register now!

Date: 07 July 2013Sunday

Time: 2.00pm  4.00pm (Registration starts at 1.30pm)
Location: 6 Battery Road, #20-01
Singapore 049909
(next to Raffles Place MRT station)

Contact Gill at with the following details.

Subject: Attending "The Capsule by Ronald K"

Contents: Name, e-mail address and mobile number. 

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