Monday, July 8, 2013

Ramba - The Rollover Effect = Breakout!!

My conviction was so damn right ever since I mastered a powerful skill of how to spot stocks that are being rollover!! Earlier today before Ramba brokeout, I posted in the SMMG Club to all students where Ramba was trading between 0.62-0.63, I was looking at the chart and saw rollover effect and so quickly, I went on to post in the SMMG Club to give students a chance to profit from this chicanery market. Basically, it's hard to force something out of the market because there is simply not much movement in stocks. So to be able to create something out of nothing, it's doubly hard. Simply thanks to the rollover in Ramba which gave me confidence to give calls to all my students.

For those who signed up yesterday during the seminar, you would have know that this is no gimmick since I shared that Capitaland would appear in Top Volume today and I also warned not to ever touch it. During the seminar, I focused a lot of my attention on the topic of Rollover and today was just a classic day to make and give a call to let you all witness the power of the rollover effect! Thanks for being my students, more to come very soon!

For those who signed up late, I am sorry but you missed this one good trade which could have make back some of your course fee and also give you confidence. For those who wants to sign up and learn more about Rollover and my course, please email me with your contact number down at
This is just a tip of an ice berg, while my student is enjoying fine dining now, I will enjoy my selection of cars. Life is great without working! No complains.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator