Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dow Jones - Shorting One Way Down With $16870.13

11.03pm after I closed my last trade last night, I calculated that I made $16870.13 in total trading the Dow from 9:47pm onward. In all my trades, I only did shorting and I was only in that short sell direction and not looking for long. I traded in and out many times and last night was a good night because the market was on it's one way spiral downwards before rebounding in the middle of night.

Add on to my Hang Seng trade yesterday afternoon, I made a total of $24729.97 for the entire day. And now, I took a loss in my DBS short which costed me $1000 where I covered at 18.09. Posted in the SMMG Club to let all students know so that they will not commit any silly sins. DBS is now trading at 18:14 after I cut my losses at 18.09!! Oh boy, I was fast in not letting my emotions get the best of me! See the attached minute chart! All in all, I am happy because I did not hold my Dow trade overnight which would have turned my profits to losses!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator