Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Alliance Minerals - The Trades Last Week, A Good Run

It was a good week last week with Alliance Minerals having a superb run where the stock just shot through the roof with so much buying activity. I was off and decided to not watch the market actively but this one good run is a lot of $ to be made. As the run in Alliance was furious, I wanted to know where would be the final high before any selling would appear and hence I found it. It was around the 0.131 region and on Friday, Alliance hit a high of 0.129 and suffered selling to a low of 0.117!! Refer to the minute chart above.

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In fact, I conducted a LIVE trading before I decided not to watch the market. During the LIVE Trading session, Alliance Minerals was one of the stock pick and all of us who attended witness the run before the stock just continue to shot through the roof. I am glad that my students took action and made $ out of it. Attached were just some trade records and there are more which I dont want to flood my blog with trade records. This Alliance run was amazing but the more amazing thing was on Sep 26, a Whatsapp alert was given to all SOMM Members when Alliance was trading at 0.092-0.093 where I already knew the stock is a rocket stock which big $ could be made. The next day, Sep 27, an announcement was then published by the management as there maybe in talks with Temasek.

Well, during this time of off period for me, I received many email requesting for my workshop and hence I decided to conduct one next Tuesday. If you are interested in short term trading and spotting the right stocks, kindly register below. I will be having a private sharing session tonight and will be doing my next video interview with the gentleman who made $140,000 to now maybe $170,000 on how he succeeded in the Singapore stock market. I will post the video and pics up later.

Eventbrite - Enroll for Short Term Trading Event

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