Saturday, October 15, 2016

Swee Hong - A Whatsapp Compliment

The market yesterday has many opportunities for intraday trading. From Noble, Spackman, Alliance, Sunmoon, Geo Energy and then to Vard, it was an overall good day for intraday trading. The overall market is on the downside and hence it's not wise to hold a trade for too long. Any rebound seen is for shorting purpose for the blue chips and a quick scalp on the pennies. I missed my chance to short when I was too focused on the pennies last week and like I said, I have to admit I forgotten my big picture game plan. Hence, coming Monday, when I do a LIVE Trading, I will be more focused on the bigger picture outlook.

Nevertheless, I received a Whatsapp thank you message yesterday for a Swee Hong trade that a student took himself. Reading the message really made my day and I know what I had been sharing and coaching was all correct. I am looking forward for Monday's LIVE Trading for some good opportunities now. Planning and preparing my game plan over the weekend.

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