Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Interra Resource^ - Long 0.075, Sold 0.093, $7000+ Profits

Just finished a Interra Resouce^ trade. Longed near 800 lots at 0.075 and sold off partial of 337 lots earlier today at 0.093 with a near $7000 profits. The stock just suddenly followed the overall Top Volume penny stocks and shot up like crazy with one long bar. There were many retailers chasing and from my chart analysis, I can see the smart money locking in profits. It was an overall not a bad trade after all.

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Update: 11/10/2016, 3:04pm

Interra Resouce^ broke out higher to a high of 0.101. Unloading my 400+ lots soon.

Eventbrite - Enrollment for FREE LIVE Trading

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