Wednesday, October 5, 2016

LIVE Trading with Ronald K - Scripts Collection

Today was just a very good vibrant day in the market. More importantly, I reiterated the scripts collection method LIVE in front of those who came for my LIVE Trading today. I can see everyone is happy today because you all made $$ fast on the spot and then followed by learning a superb skill on scripts collection as the market is moving LIVE. The scrips collection knowledge was shared yesterday and today the stock just reenact on what I shared yesterday, so with the new found knowledge and as the stock is under collection, we just collect with the BBs and made $ on the spot. Congrats everyone!!

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Update: 5/10/2016, 8:32pm

Alliance Minerals as instructed and predicted during my LIVE Trading session this morning that the high will be at 0.138/0.139 was truly validated. It hit that supply zone there and never tried to reach that price again. It was truly an easy gem to spot but more importantly, during the LIVE Trading session, my students heed my advice and sold at the peak at 0.139. Congrats!

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