Saturday, October 8, 2016

LIVE Trading Session with Ronald K - Noble, A Short Term Selling

It was a good turnout yesterday noon for my LIVE Trading session. We took a small losses on a penny stock since the stock jammed and started to show some kind of peculiar buy/sell Q flipped and hence we decided to cut a small 1-3 pip loss. Thereafter, I went on to scan the Top 30 Volume for more clues and went on to see the oil chart. I decided that after a successful run in Noble, the time maybe ripe for a short term short sell and hence we shorted at the price of 0.194/0.195. At closing, the stock closed 0.191/0.192 which was what I was expecting.

I had been conducting many LIVE Trading sessions lately and other impromptu sharing sessions because of this hot market and I don't want my students to miss the chance of making good $ in this once in a lifetime opportunities. For me personally and some other independent students, as posted the trade records on my blog, we had not been wasting the opportunities as we were performing short term contra trades on the penny stocks. Good $ was made and it's time to finally take a break.

During the session yesterday, I also shared with many some behavioral character for success and I hope you all take the right actions and get the job done. Everyone has the opportunities because it's not difficult to do it. I am planning for my next big swing trade soon as the market is going to have another wave of opportunities soon. Thereafter, I am taking very impromptu holiday breaks and travel to a few countries for the next 2-3 months. Enjoy trading. :)

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