Wednesday, October 12, 2016

SATS, First Resouce, Mapletree GCC - $20,000 Profits

With $20,000 shorting SATS, Mapletree GCC and First Resource, my student profits is now up to $200,000+ with the latest profits of $20,000 just today! I am really really amazed by his guts, confidence and skills where he was able to spot before the gap down in SATS today together with other First Resource and Mapletree GCC. This student of mine normally trade the blue chips and mid caps and seldom trade pennies but still he got the job done and made $ out of it which is really amazing in my opinion. Congrats again and continue to make more $ from the market.:) I will share more about how he zip in/out in my next Tuesday LIVE Trading workshop.

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