Tuesday, October 31, 2017

KSH - Strong Buyers Bought Up

KSH experienced a strong surge of buyers buying up the shares after my earlier blog post. The stock was bullish and the buyers were relentless in their buying. I posted before the bullish run on my blog at 10.56am earlier where I alerted everyone that the queues were stacking and it's going to run soon to hit 0.94-0.95 where it actually hit a high of 0.95 today!


I am glad that some made $$ off from my blog and $750 within 2 hours is really good $ for a day's job. This KSH call is as good as LIVE as everyone saw the earlier blog post I made earlier at 10.50am. From the hidden buying where there wasn't any volume of buying when it was experiencing some hidden buying to the strong surge of buying volume thereafter, it was all predictable. It's been a good day, congrats all!

Update: 31/20/2017, 5:15pm

KSH hit the ceiling at 0.95 as predicted in my earlier blog post and suffered selling towards end of day. The sellers really know how to sell well. Thank you. :)

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist