Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Important Sharing by Ronald K - Market Outlook and Tips

Last evening was my last few seminars before the year end. During my session, I shared about Razer, Cosco and the Straits Times Index and what to look out for before the year ends. It's going to get tougher for the Singapore market and Singapore stocks and hence it's wise to have a back up such as the Hong Kong market. Stocks are getting trickier and tougher to spot and as highlighted yesterday, even though a good news is released, stocks might not run. It's really the Big Boys world and we need to search stocks with bankers in play rather than fundamental stocks.

As the year is approaching to an end, I will be doing lesser seminars and workshops where I am preparing and focusing on my own personal trading as it presents a lot of opportunities to make $. Normally Nov and Dec is a good month for a good run where I don't want to take any holiday during that critical season. Hence, I will be conducting a very important market outlook and tips sharing session next Tuesday, Nov 21st for those who are interested to receive my tips and alerts. For all interested parties can register at the link below.

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