Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Midas - Posted 6.6% Increased in 3Q Earnings

Midas just announced a good news where they posted a 6.6% increased in 3Q earnings. It was supposed to be good for the stock but then instead of moving higher, the stock suffered selling instead.


It's also the same for Yanlord, the company announced good earnings but the stock price just did not performed as expected.


Traditionally, good news always translate to good news for the stock price but I can see that there is a market shift and change where it doesn't necessarily means when a good news or results is posted y the company, the stock would run. There are many other examples of course but I just highlighted 2 of them. Midas had been a stock that trending low and lower each time the company announced good news and hence, I would stay out of this stock from investment and trading indefinitely. There are many other better counters like Cosco, Genting, Falcon Energy and some others which gives better return than investing in this counter. Look at the projection and prediction I made on Oct 21st where I predicted STI would hit 3427 before taking a simmer. It indeed recorded a high of 3431 and it's now taking a short breather. Could it be because of the overall market is coming down which caused stocks not to move anymore?


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